Modern Samenwerken met Microsoft Office 365

Modern Samenwerken met Microsoft Office 365

1 Days / Beginner
Vincent Bellefroid


As of 23 March Plataan will execute all scheduled offline training sessions as online live webinars to stop the spreading of Covid-19 in our country, to safeguard the health of staff, customers and trainers.

This training is now available as a webinar training program. Once subscribed, you will be invited to the webinar. We conduct the webinar with Microsoft Teams. There will be sufficient variation between theory and practice. You will get blocks of instruction, assignment and followup on assignment.

What is covered by this Microsoft Office 365 course?

What is modern collaboration and how can Microsoft Office 365 help you?

How can we increase the productivity of our conversations, how do we work together on documents, how can we work virtually together and how do we manage and monitor our tasks more efficiently?
In this one-day training we explore the functions and possibilities of Microsoft Office 365, focusing on its use in organizations with a modern collaboration strategy.

What will you learn in this training? 

  • That you no longer need an IT engineer to set up Microsoft SharePoint and manage your documents. Microsoft Office 365 does this automatically.
  • How the functionality of the Microsoft Office 365 apps support your employees and teams and how easy it all works.
  • What you can do with solutions like Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneNote and OneDrive or even better, how you can work better together with these products. And this from a practical perspective.
  • How SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner and Teams integrate with each other to make modern collaboration possible.

How do you handle documents in the Office 365 context?
How do OneDrive and OnedriveforBusiness work?
What if you also save your documents in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Planner?
How exactly does Microsoft Planner work and what can you do with Microsoft Teams?
How can we work efficiently and, above all, work together with all these software products?

You will discover this and much more in this unique training on Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365.

Who should take this course?

This training is designed for anyone who works or wants to work with Microsoft Office 365 and who wants to gain a deeper insight into the operation of Microsoft Office 365. This training is about the use of applications such as Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive in the Microsoft Office 365 context.
This is not a technical training, you don't have to be an IT engineer to follow this training.


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