Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

2 Days / Beginner
Karin Schijf


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What is covered by this Project Management course?

The Professional Scrum Master ™ - PSM I training is a two-day training program that deals with the theory and principles of Scrum.

This Professional Scrum Master training explains the entire theory behind Scrum and the basic principles within the methodology and focuses on the Scrum Master role within the scrum framework.

This Professional Scrum Master ™ training also translates the theory into your own practice. The theory is divided as much as possible with various practical assignments and exercises. The training is very interactive and an important part of the practice is the Lego Scrum Game (duration 2 hours).

After following the training you have a clear picture of Scrum and you are able to start Scrum with your team.

Certification preparatory

During the training, experimental examinations will be given to prepare for the officially recognized Professional Scrum Master ™ PSM I exam.

This exam can be done online at and is included in the price of this course.

Who should take this course?

The training is intended for individuals who wish to certify as Professional Scrum Master and / or want to fulfill this role within an organization. Knowledge and / or experience with software development is an advantage.

The scrum guide can be downloaded free of charge at


* This training is offered in conjunction with GoodSense


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