Business Central Booster Hackathon

Business Central Booster Hackathon

3 Dagen / Medium
Steven Renders
Kevin Smet


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Wat omvat deze Business Central training?

As the name suggests this hackathon is all about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the evolution it's going through. During our hackathon you will be challenged to work agile in small teams to unravel the Business Central system. What does that mean? During the 3-day hackathon you will build a real working Business Central app.

During the hackaton, we challenge the common way of developing solutions for Business Central and ultimately we dare to challenge yourself.

Voor wie is deze cursus bestemd?

We're looking for 'boosters', people familiar with Business Central development, looking to unlock new skills and ways of working. Business Central developers who are ready to face the transformation of ever-evolving programs. Men and women who know the tricks of the trade, ready for a competitive challenge! We cannot wait to meet you.

Do I need knowledge about Business Central? Yes you do. If you’re a rookie, we suggest you take a Business Central Development Foundation course.


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