Become a Trainer

Become a Trainer

Passion for your profession? Enthusiastic in teaching and advising?

Passion for your profession?

Very expertised in ERP, CRM, Office, productivity or any other skill that could help professional software users and consultants or teams?

Feel like boosting others with your knowledge?

Share your knowledge

At Plataan, we have a passion for automation and productivity. We find our joy and pride in helping organisations, employees and individuals. Do you also like to see others grow? Together we can empower individuals and organisations.

Always looking for fresh knowledge and skills, to share and to help grow

Promote yourself with professional expert branding

Together we produce and publish your on- and offline training in a professional way. We promote you, on- and offline, through different professional channels.

Your own professional training videos without costs. We offer the widest possible expert-platform, on- and offline.

Earn and enjoy

Earn referral fees and royalties on online trainings and delivery fees for offline trainings.
Enjoy the unique experience of making video trainings.
Enjoy boosting your students’ knowledge and expertise.

Yes, I want to become a trainer


Why choose for Plataan

Plataan is experienced and specialized in the online and offline creation and distribution of knowledge and learning.