Learning Journey Subscriptions

Learning Journey Subscriptions

Embrace continuous learning at your own pace.
Access concise, online resources and empower yourself to grow, with comprehensive support.

Elevate your skills and capabilities with a Learning Journey Subscription.

Are you eager to enhance your knowledge and advance your Business Central career?
Would you like to provide your organization with access to comprehensive learning resources on Business Central and Power Platform? Stay updated with the latest trends in business intelligence, including Power BI?

How? Through our Learning Journeys.

Learning Journeys?
Our Business Central Learning Journeys provide comprehensive education in Business Central and Power Platform. Designed for both new hires and experienced professionals, these structured pathways offer a progressive learning experience. Tailored to various roles and skillsets, our programs support aspiring Business Central developers and consultants.

With a focus on online learning, our benefits include instructor support, a thriving learner community, and case-based learning. Gain practical skills and hands-on experience in real-world scenarios to excel in your professional journey.
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Learning Journey Price Plans

Our Learning Journeys are available through subscription plans for both individuals and organizations. These plans require a yearly commitment of 12 months. By opting for a Learning Journey subscription, you can significantly lower the training threshold. In fact, for the price of a cup of coffee a day per participant, you can access training value worth more than 10K.


Personal Plan ☕🥛
Invest in your growth, just like enjoying a Latte a day.

199,00 € / month  
10 Participant Plan ☕🧊
Empower your team with an investment similar to savoring a refreshing Iced Coffee.
833,00 € / month  
20 Participant Plan 🧊🍵
Elevate your organization's skills, much like the daily enjoyment of an Iced Tea.
1240,00 € / month  
40 Participant Plan 
Transform your workforce with an investment comparable to treating everyone to an Americano every day.
1680,00 € / month  

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  • Acquire new skills

  • Propel my career forward

  • Learn wherever, whenever, and at my own pace

  • Efficiently train new employees

  • Get the most out of my business solutions

  • Enjoy unlimited access to the online trainings

Yes, I want a Learning Journey Subscription


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