ERP & CRM Advice and Guidance

ERP & CRM Advice and Guidance

At Plataan, our passion is automation and productivity.
We find our joy and pride in helping organisations, employees and individuals grow.

Real answers to questions

Before, as well as during the implementation of an ERP or CRM solution, your organisation faces lots of questions and nuisances.

Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV or CRM the right choice for your organisation? Have you chosen the right partner for implementation and how does the cooperation work? Does the implementation lead to the predicted benefits? How much time does this cost for your employees? How do you make sure the predefined ROI is accomplished?

An external and independent partner

  • We take care of the required basic knowledge before you decide
  • We optimize your employees’ knowledge
  • We teach you how to prioritize the list of requirements
  • We help you in maximizing internal control
  • We design and implement a project-like approach, tailored to your company
  • We provide help in determining what the standard software solutions can and cannot do

Like an independent soundboard, full of knowledge and with lots of experience, Plataan offers answers.

Yes, help me with my ERP or CRM decisions


Why choose for Plataan

Plataan is experienced and specialized in the online and offline creation and distribution of knowledge and learning.