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Generating feedback, key user activation, prioritising,
transparency and communication are crucial for making a project really succeed.

Looking for project speed, agility, as well as stability?

With this, project managers, companies and teams are constantly looking for answers to relevant questions like

  • Is Agile quicker than the waterfall method?

  • How can we increase predictability and controllability in our projects?

  • How do I transform my organisation to an Agile culture?

  • How do I activate the key-user organisation?

Larger insights and knowledge in project management make for better choices
and a more efficient and targeted project-approach

Benefits of project management training with Plataan

  • Take well-informed project decisions for your organisation

  • Obtain an independent, objective insight in what goes on in project management

  • Build and expand your project management expertise

  • Improve your project management skills

  • Learn everything about Agile and how you can apply this in your own organisation

  • Learn from certified and experienced professional trainers

  • Learn with a focus for practicality

  • Enjoy and learn while you play with exercises and games

  • Learn from other students

  • Learn and certify yourself for standards like Prince2 and Scrum

Impact guaranteed

Plataan has trained more than 5000 students.

Just like them, get the most out of your investment in Project Management or boost your career
as Project Manager with the knowledge-boost Plataan offers.

Quality guaranteed

Acknowledging it's quality, Plataan received - among others - the following recognitions:

  • Qfor customer satisfaction certificate
  • Approved service provider for the Flemish Government
  • Microsoft Certified Partner For Learning Solutions
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer

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Plataan is experienced and specialized in the online and offline creation and distribution of knowledge and learning.