Ready to Go Acceleration Program

Ready to Go Acceleration Program

Plataan specializes in the transfer of knowledge and advice.
We combine online and offline learning and help customers with their automation projects

Training & Coaching Services

Technical Training
Starter training
  Development Foundation
  Solution Development
Transformation training
  Moving from C/AL to AL
  Advanced Development Techniques
Specialization training
  Power BI for BC
  The Power Platform
Functional Training
Core Functional
  Trade & Logistics
  Service Management  
  Relationship Management  
Business Central Booster
  All encompassing virtual blended program including all functional modules of above
DevOps Coaching
    Our coaches can help you with setting up and working with DevOps.
Development Coaching
    If you need support for your developers to work with VSC and AL in practice.
Functional Solution Architecture Coaching
    We can help you to envision functional solutions.
Power BI Coaching
    Our Power BI experts can help you designing and setting up Power BI reports and dashboards.
Power Platform Coaching
    If you need help with PowerApps or flow, we can help you.
Content Creation
Video learning content production
    Do you want to support your app with instruction videos and learning portal?
Video learning platform for the app
    Do you want to support your app with instruction videos and learning portal?

Pricing & Value

  Days in Public Plataan training On-site training & Coaching Days BC Booster Premium participants
Small 30 9 12
Medium 60 18 22
Large 90 34 34

Explanations and examples

  • Days in Public Plataan training
    • These are the classroom days that your budget represent.
    • With Small you can, as an example, send 6 persons on a 5 day course or 3 persons on two 5 day courses or 10 peoples on a 3 day course.
    • The budget of 30, 60 or 90 is the total number of class training days (1 day = 1 person on 1 public training day ) you have and you can spend these like you want. You can send a few people to a lot of courses or a lot of people to a few courses. You can spend this budget like it helps you most.
  • On-site training & Coaching Days
    • These are the number of days that your budget represent in terms of on-site training or coaching.
    • This budget does not include travel and associated costs.
  • BC Booster Premium participants
    • These numbers represent the total number of participants that you can subscribe in our Booster program.
  • You can also combine services in your budget like few days in public training and some coaching days.
  • For content creation we first need to assess the scope of the content creation project.

Why choose for Plataan

Plataan is experienced and specialized in the online and offline creation and distribution of knowledge and learning.