Core Development Specialist in Business Central

Core Development Specialist in Business Central


What is covered by this Business Central booster program?

Welcome to our comprehensive Core Development Specialist in Business Central training program – your ideal starting point for mastering the art of development within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In this dynamic program, you will embark on a journey that equips you with the foundational basis of Business Central development. We start from scratch, providing in-depth explanations, case-based labs, tests, and assessments to ensure you build a strong foundation in BC development.



What You'll Explore:

  • Customization Mastery: Dive deep into the art of customizing the Business Central solution, equipping you with the ability to tailor it to organization's unique needs.
  • Visual Studio Code and AL: Gain proficiency in working with Visual Studio Code and AL, essential tools for modern cloud solution development in Business Central.
  • Event-Driven Architecture: Understand the intricacies of event-driven architecture, allowing you to build flexible and scalable solutions.
  • Customization Essentials: Learn all the essentials of customization, ensuring that you have a solid foundation in this vital aspect of Business Central.
  • DevOps, Docker, and GIT: Start working with essential tools like DevOps, Docker, and GIT, enabling you to manage and streamline your development projects efficiently.

Our program is your best starting point to learn development in Business Central. Whether you're a newcomer or someone looking to enhance your skills, we provide the foundational knowledge, hands-on experience, and guidance you need to excel.

Join us today and embark on your journey to becoming a proficient Business Central developer, ready to build innovative solutions for your organization from the ground up.



Core Development Specialist in Business Central Training Program Overview
Set up & manage BC environments
Use BC demo & trial environments
Work with the interface
Work with data in BC
Create new companies
Set up users
Migrate business data
Personalization & alternative interfaces
Positioning Business Central
Business Central Architecture
VSC – Visual Studio Code
AL – Application Language
The AL language Extension
Using sandboxes for development
Creating new extensions in VSC
Working with JSON configuration files
Deploy and debug
Working with tables
Master data data–model
Table relations
Master data pages
Table and field triggers
Calculated fields
Document data-model
Document pages
RoleCenter pages
Data manipulation with AL
Deploy to Saas
Permission sets
Get started with Azure DevOps
Manage Azure Devops projects
Working the agile way
Configure your Docker environment
Working with Docker
Creating a BC container for development
Installing and configuring GIT
Working with local and remote GIT repos
Commit changes to GIT and push to Azure DevOps
Creating Views in AL
RoleCenter pages
Setup Tables and Singleton Design Pattern
Use Enum instead of Option 
Working with Codeunits
Using Notifications
Page, Control & Action triggers
Create custom functions
Reverse engineer standard Business Central code
Event based architecture
Role Center pages and Role Center Lists
Developing and implementing Factboxes
Reports and report design
Report Builder or Visual Studio
Report Data Models
Simple report datasets
Simple RDLC Layouts
Simple Word Layouts
Report Dataset and Layout Patterns
Multi Language Reports
Report Extensions
Document Reports
Report selection
Real life Customization exercises
Deploy to Docker
Deploy to Saas
Working with User Stories in Azure Boards



Program Features
Start Anytime
Rich Learning Mix
Active learning with real life case story & labs
4 Months Instructor Supported Access
Resume Worthy Credential

Who should take this course?

Our Core Development Specialist in Business Central training program is designed for anyone with a passion for learning development in Business Central, regardless of prior experience. We're your starting point, guiding you from scratch to becoming a proficient developer.

If you're ready to dive into the world of Business Central development and build a strong foundation, this program is tailored to your needs. We provide comprehensive explanations, hands-on labs, tests, and assessments to ensure you grasp the fundamentals thoroughly.

Whether you're a newcomer or someone eager to become a skilled Business Central developer, this program is your ideal choice. Join us today and begin your journey to mastering Business Central development from the ground up

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