Core Manufacturing Specialist in Business Central

Core Manufacturing Specialist in Business Central


What is covered by this Business Central booster program?

Welcome to our comprehensive Core Manufacturing Specialist in Business Central training program – your gateway to becoming a Manufacturing expert within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In this immersive program, you will embark on a journey to understand how Business Central can efficiently manage and administer Manufacturing operations. We believe in real-world implementation scenarios that guide your learning journey and align you with best practices in the Manufacturing industry.



What You'll Explore:

  • End-to-End Manufacturing Management: Delve deep into the complete process of managing and administering Manufacturing operations with Business Central, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle real-world manufacturing challenges.
  • Production BOM's and Capacity: Learn the ins and outs of setting up Production Bills of Materials (BOMs) and Capacity, enabling you to optimize production processes and resource allocation.
  • Production Orders: Master the art of working with Production Orders, from creation to execution, ensuring smooth and efficient production workflows.
  • Core Manufacturing Knowledge: Gain the core knowledge and foundational understanding of Manufacturing in Business Central, laying a strong foundation for your expertise.


Whether you're a seasoned Manufacturing professional or someone looking to specialize in Manufacturing with Business Central, this program has everything you need to excel. Join us today to unlock the potential of Manufacturing excellence with Business Central.



Core Manufacturing Specialist in Business Central Training Program Overview
Set up & manage BC environments
Work with data in BC
Create new companies
Manufacturing terminology
Manufacturing vs Assembly Management
Production Bill of Materials
Production Orders
Production Order Processing
System Setup
Additional Manufacturing Topics



Program Features
Start Anytime
Rich Learning Mix
Active learning with real life case story & labs
3 Months Instructor Supported Access
Resume Worthy Credential

Who should take this course?

This program is tailored for those who aspire to become Manufacturing specialists or professionals seeking to optimize manufacturing processes using Business Central.

It's important to note that a good understanding of Business Central's core functionality is crucial to fully benefit from this course. We recommend completing our Core Product Specialist Booster program to ensure you're well-prepared for this advanced training.

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