Core Warehousing Specialist in Business Central

Core Warehousing Specialist in Business Central


What is covered by this Business Central booster program?

Our Business Central Warehouse Management program is your gateway to mastering the art of warehouse management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a Warehouse Management specialist.


What You'll Explore:

Comprehensive Warehouse Management: Delve into the core concepts of Warehouse Management in Business Central, building a strong foundation for your expertise.

  • Efficient Setup: Learn how to set up and configure Warehouse Management in Business Central to maximize efficiency in your operations.
  • Inventory Precision: Master the art of item placement and warehouse space optimization, ensuring that your inventory is well-organized and under control.
  • Streamlined Order Processing: Optimize your sales, purchase, and transfer order processes to make them smoother and more efficient.
  • Advanced Techniques: Explore advanced features such as Directed Put-Away and Pick (WMS), taking your skills to a higher level.

Our program is not just about theory; it's designed to provide you with real-world implementation scenarios, aligning your learning with the best warehouse management practices.



Core Warehouse Management Specialist in Business Central Training Program Overview
Set up & manage BC environments
Reasons to implement Warehouse Management
General concepts of Warehouse Management
Manage Item placement & warehouse space
Optimize Order Processing
Set up Warehouse Management
Receive and put away items
Manage Items in the Warehouse
Pick and Ship Items



Program Features
Start Anytime
Rich Learning Mix
Active learning with real life case story & labs
3 Months Instructor Supported Access
Resume Worthy Credential



Whether you're an aspiring Warehouse Management specialist or a professional looking to enhance your Business Central skills, this program has everything you need to excel. Join us today to unlock the potential of Warehouse Management with Business Central.

Who should take this course?

Ready to elevate your Business Central expertise to the next level?

Our Warehouse Management program is designed for individuals who are eager to excel in the realm of Warehouse Management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This program is tailored for those who are ready to acquire in-depth knowledge and proficiency in managing warehouse operations efficiently using Business Central's Warehouse Management System (WMS).

It's crucial to note that a strong foundation in Business Central's core functionality is a prerequisite for this course. We highly recommend completing our Core Product Specialist Booster program to ensure you're well-prepared for this advanced training.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or someone looking to specialize in Warehouse Management with Business Central, this program is your ideal choice. Join us on this journey to become a Warehouse Management expert, and take your career to new heights.

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