Modern Development with VSC and AL

Modern Development with VSC and AL

2 Days / Medium
Steven Renders


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What is covered by this Business Central webinar?

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The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development community is facing an important emerging skill shift: moving from the familiar C/AL to the new AL for modern development in Business Central

Facilitating the skill shift from C/AL to Modern Development with AL in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Join our two-day intensive virtual workshop, "Modern Development with VSC and AL," designed to help experienced Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers successfully transition from the familiar C/AL to AL for modern development in Business Central.This workshop focuses entirely on the application language AL, VSC (Visual Studio Code), and the Event-Based Architecture, empowering you to embrace the latest tools and techniques with confidence. During the workshop, you will gain practical insights through a combination of theory and hands-on practice. Our expert instructors will provide blocks of instruction, assignments, and follow-ups to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Discover What You'll Learn: 

  • Introduction:
    • Explore the Business Central architecture and infrastructure.
    • Learn how to set up Business Central environments: Saas, Docker, and On-Premises.
  • Development Environment:
    • Understand Visual Studio Code (VSC) and its role in AL development.
    • Create a new AL extension and work with JSON configuration files.
    • Master essential AL project commands, snippets, and workspace management.
    • Gain insights into object ranges, debugging techniques, and source control management.
    • Discover the AL platform overview and its key features.
  • Basic Objects in AL:
    • Dive into core AL objects such as Tables, Table Extensions, Pages, Page Extensions, CodeUnits, Queries, Profiles, Enums, and Enum Extensions.
    • Understand permissions and entitlements in AL development.
  • In-Client Designer:
    • Explore the In-Client Designer and learn to design and personalize extensions.
    • Enhance extensions using Visual Studio Code.
  • Event-Based Architecture:
    • Introduce events and learn how to publish, raise, and subscribe to events.
    • Discover the Event Recorder and event design patterns.
  • Extension Dependencies:
    • Understand dependent apps and how to write extension install code.
    • Learn about upgrading extensions to newer versions.
  • From C/AL to AL:
    • Explore architectural approaches for transitioning from C/AL to AL.
    • Understand running C/Side and AL side by side.
    • Learn about the Txt2AL conversion tool and multilanguage functionality.
  • Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices for AL Code:
    • Discover best practices for writing clean and efficient AL code.
    • Learn about using prefixes or suffixes for better code organization.
    • Explore code deprecation and performance patterns.

Join us for this engaging webinar conducted via Microsoft Teams. Reserve your spot today to embark on a successful journey of modern development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Who should take this course?

This webinar training is intended for experienced Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers  who want to shift their skills to AL, Visual Studio Code and Event Based Architecture


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